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Let’s Play! 02Nov

Let’s Play!

“Let’s Play!” was a fun way to demonstrate transparency when working with colors. I imagine this fun device floating through space where anyone or anything can come jump on it or dive in and out of it.

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A Lesson In Hue 02Nov

A Lesson In Hue

“A Lesson In Hue” is just a fun demonstration of color hues.

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Tumbling 31Oct


“Tumbling”  was a really fun project to demonstrate color value, depth and movement. I think this is someone’s logos waiting to happen!

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My Outer Space World 3 31Oct

My Outer Space World 3

“My Outer Space World 3″ pulls the viewer into an imaginary large red planet. Another season of playing with textures and outer space.

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Lost In Space Night View 31Oct

Lost In Space Night View

“Lost In Space Night View” is a variation of “Lost In Space” creating a more spooky deep space environment experience.

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Lost In Space 31Oct

Lost In Space

“Lost In Space” is a demonstration of analogous color scheme and a great way to play with outer space environments again!

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Floating 31Oct


“Floating” is an imaginary place is outer space where orbs are being released to go out and do what little orbs do.

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Falling 31Oct


“Falling” came about playing with different textures while wanting to demonstrate movement.

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A Lesson In Value 31Oct

A Lesson In Value

“A Lesson In Value” is just a fun way to demonstrate value in colors.

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My Outer Space World 2 31Oct

My Outer Space World 2

Another one of my dream world places I’d like to travel too. This was created when I was feeling inspired by textures and wondering what I could do with them in an outer space environment. In this image the viewer is given the illusion of either traveling through space. I like to imagine the beautiful colors yet to be seen “out there”.

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