Beyond is my first painting using a knife technique which creates amazing depth, layers and textures. When viewing the original you can see the image of a man’s face which was not planned. It appears that one is looking thorough a veil or walking through a tunnel catching glimpses of something greater happening. As one gazes closer one can see images of figures dancing or walking around fire.

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Stronghold is a twin painting that I made not knowing at the time that I’d give the other one to my biological mother. When I surprised her with it she commented about the pieces of a mother and daughter that were identical. Without knowing the name of the paintings she also commented on the strong bond and connection there always is between a mother and child. The viewer can see so much in this painting such as a whirlwind of strength that creates an umbrella of protection over the right side of the painting creating calm. It reminds me not only of a mother’s protection but of The Divine One’s protection and love over us.

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